Power Thoughts & Daily Affirmations

Power Thoughts & Daily Affirmations

If you have been studying positivity for even just a short time, you might recognize the name, Louise L. Hay.  Ms. Hay is a motivational author, teacher, speaker, spiritual teacher and the founder of Hay House, Inc. publishing company.   She has authored multiple books on how to live a positive life and how in doing so can and will change your life.  She is one of the many women I look up to for guidance on how to live a positive life.  This post will share one of my favorite power thoughts from Louise L. Hay’s book, {affiliate link} Power Thoughts; 365 Daily Affirmation. Whether you read them in order or randomly pick a page, these power thoughts (if you allow them to) will change the outcome of your way of thinking and possibly your entire day.

Power Thoughts & Daily Affirmations -Other people respect me because I respect myself

“Other people respect me because I respect myself.”

This affirmation I struggle with.  I have a really hard time expecting others to respect me because I clearly don’t respect myself.  Shocked into reality this past weekend, I learned a valuable lesson about myself.  I am a true, to the core, people pleaser.  I want to make sure everyone is happy even if that means, I am not.  And, I have to change that.  Here are some ways that I am working towards changing this so that I have complete respect for myself above all others.

I have to learn how to love myself enough so that I don’t have to rely on the love of others to make me happy.  I am (almost) 48 years old and yet I still seek the approval of my mom and always feel less than.  Less than what, I have no idea!  I’m always feeling that I come in second place to my sibling when I feel I give more of myself.  I realized that I have to start doing things because it makes ME happy.  I should not settle because I too deserve all the happiness that the world has to offer.

While I am practicing how to respect myself through self-love, I have to be completely honest with myself and my feelings.  I have to own up to those thoughts, push forward and move on.  I was completely honest with myself this past weekend and I realized that I “settled” and did something that I didn’t really want to do to please someone else.

Mad at myself for letting my negative thoughts take over my mind, all I had left to do was to put on my happy face and get through the day.  In order for me to get through the day, I had to forgive myself for the mistake that I made earlier that day.  I let it all go.  I wasn’t going to dwell on that mistake.  However, I reminded myself that I would never if at all possible, make that same mistake twice!

Power Words & Daily Affirmations

As I go through my day I will repeat this mantra with pride and say it until I believe it.  My alarm is set on my phone labeled with this mantra to act as a reminder!  I will say it until it becomes second nature.

I plan on sharing more of these Power Thoughts & Daily Affirmations throughout the remainder fo the year.  Because this is such an important part of my growth process, I will be popping in to share how this affirmation is changing my life.  I’m ready for a change! 🙂

What are your favorite power thoughts & daily affirmations?