Keep your “stash” fresh with Re:stash


Marijuana is now legal in 18 states for recreational use and 36 states for medicinal purposes. There are many stigmas put upon people who use marijuana. It’s important to educate yourself on the different reasons why people choose to use it. And know that many use it safely. Is it right for you? Only you can make that decision. We aren’t going to get into whether you should or shouldn’t use it. But, we will get into how you can properly store and preserve the buds you do get.

Re:stash was created by the company Mason-re. Mason-re developed the world’s first silicone koozie for the mason jar which allows its user the flexibility to use the mason jar as a cup that can hold hot or cold liquid. Pair that with their partner, iLIDS, which is an eco-friendly drinking lid that makes any drink safer on the go! 

Marijuana Storage

But what exactly is Re:stash and why do you need one? When using the Mason-re 100% silicone koozie for the 8 oz mason jar you can expect your buds to stay fresh, longer. And here’s why. The silicone koozie will act as a light protector. Being left exposed to light will alter the freshness along with the altered humidity level. You should maintain an average of about 65% humidity give or take a few degrees in order to preserve its freshness. It is best to put the trimmed buds into an airtight container, dark and temperature-controlled jar, aka the Re:stash jar. The Re:stash set is $18.00 and comes with your choice of the 8 oz koozie, a 8 ounce mason jar and childproof lid, color of your choice as well.

Along with the Mason-re silicone koozie, Re:stash has an eco-fiber child-resistant lid. Their lids are made in America from FDA Polypropylene which is 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers. This allows you to keep your stash safe from children and sunlight in the best possible way!

Re:stash by Mason-RE

Keeping Marijuana Fresh with Re:stash

But that’s not all Mason-re has to offer with it’s Re:stash product. The company also can provide you with a Re:vider ($5.00) which is a divider allowing you to separate your jar into compartments. It has a clip in the middle that can be used for rolling papers or your Boveda humidity control pack (0.80 each) (remember you have to maintain a level of humidity between 62% and 68% for optimal freshness). The Re:vider is also made in America using the same FDA Polypropylene that is 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers. The Re:vider comes in black, brown, white, or blue.

So on to humidity levels. The Boveda (the global leader in 2-way humidity control) has partnered with Mason-re to give you the best deal on their humidity packs. Size 4 can be used with up to 15 grams to naturally regulate humidity. You can secure it to your Re:vider without worrying about how you can maintain your buds freshness.

Re:Stash Jar

Personal Review

We were provided two Re:stash sets, both with the Re:vider and Boveda humidity control pack to test and review. After giving the Re:stash a test both parties have stated that it has kept their flower fresh.

Both used the humidity control packs. Here in the midwest, we are known for our humidity and lack there of. By having the humidity control pack, it really has helped to regulate the humidity inside the jars.

Both have stated the lids and koozie have kept air and light out of the jar. This has also aided in its freshness. They did not use the Re:vider for storing papers, they used it to separate their strain of flower. Being kept separate in the Re:stash jars they were able to keep both strains fresh longer than they thought possible.

With an outbreak of Covid, they didn’t smoke as often as normal. By having the Re:stash jars handy they both felt it was beneficial in keeping their products safe and fresh.

For more information and to purchase your own Re:stash jars and accessories, visit the Mason-re website and their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest).