How to Stay Grounded When You’re Mentally Exhausted

How to stay grounded when you're mentally exhausted

How to stay grounded when you’re mentally exhausted;  this is a thought I had during one of the most difficult times in my life.  This past month has been a world wind mental mind game.  I had to quickly learn what was important to me and during this process, I had to stay grounded or I would go completely out of my mind.

How to stay grounded when you're mentally exhausted

My dad had open heart surgery and it was a huge wake-up call for me on so many levels, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  I took this opportunity to learn and grow.  However, during that process, I had to get real with some things.  My weight, my physical well-being was horrible.  I saw what being physically unhealthy could do to not only me but to my family.  That had to change.  But how?  My mind was consumed with fear and uncertainty.  I had to find some way to stay grounded or I’d love whatever was left of my mind.  Here are just a few things I did to help me get through what I feel was the worst time of my life.

3 Tips on How To Stay Grounded When You’re Mentally Exhausted (Plus a BONUS TIP)

  1. Meditate – I was never one to really “get” meditation but once I heard about and tried the app, Insight Timer – Meditation App – Insight Network Inc, I was hooked.  It’s a free app that provides you with countless, endless really, ways to meditate, through guided meditation, music, talks, and now they even have specific courses (paid) that could be a benefit to you.  Usually, I will use this meditation app to help me with my sleep.  I put on my headphones, select the guided meditation that best suits my needs and usually, I will drift off to sleep and let my subconscious mind take over.  I feel so much better upon waking.  It helps shift how I shape my day.
  2. Eat better – Eating foods that were not processed helped me tremendously.  I was focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables.  I even had peas for dinner one night.  Peas and potatoes!  Sounds gross, but it was better than running out to my local fast-food place to inhale unwanted and unnecessary calories that would leave me feeling sick to my stomach.  I even lost 3 pounds my first week.  Win!
  3. Be grateful – I learned that you have to be grateful for every day, every moment, that is given to you.  When you are holding the balance of your life (or when a loved-one is) in someone else’s hands, you cannot be certain that there will be a tomorrow.  I never fully grasped what it meant to seize the day.  Now I know.  I live each day a little different than I did prior to my dad’s surgery.  My dad is my hero and I am grateful for every moment spent with him and everyone else in my life.


How to stay grounded when you’re mentally exhausted?  It’s super easy to say, but harder to do…Sleep.  I have the worst sleep schedule and it’s something that I continuously try to correct.  I was so tired, but my mind wouldn’t rest so that my body could.

What has helped you to stay grounded when you’ve been mentally exhausted?