5 Tips On How To Get Rid of Those Nagging Negative Thoughts

5 Tips on Getting Rid Negative Thoughts

Sometimes we have 1,000 tabs open. I’m not talking about computer tabs, I’m talking about all the tabs we have in our head running all day long. A thought comes along and then another, we may go back to the previous thought after opening up five more thoughts. When those thoughts are worrisome or negative they sometimes begin to feel as though they are compounding.

When you have tabs running on your computer or smart phone it bogs it down, right? And how do you remedy that? You close those tabs. So, why is it so hard for us to close the tabs that are running us down day after day? It doesn’t have to be so hard to close the tabs. We can choose to close tabs and delete those thoughts that deplete us.  I know what you’re thinking: easier said than done. We’re not saying you’ll never have a negative thought or 50 million tabs open again. What we are saying is you can reduce these thoughts and the bogged down feeling when you make a choice to be in charge of our mind.

Five ways to get rid of those nagging negative thoughts:

Delete. Delete. Delete.

When a new tab opens up that makes you feel sick, angry, or filled with worry- delete. Shut that tab immediately! Negative thoughts have no place in your mind and the best way to rid of it is to say DELETE. Say it out loud or in you head. Try it, it works! Yes, that thought may pop up again like the spam it is, but you have the power to get rid of it right now, and again later if it shows back up.

Gratitude Journal

A few weeks ago we challenged you to start a gratitude journal. Positive changes will fill your life when you start to practice gratitude daily. Make it a routine to fill out your journal while you surround yourself in a calming atmosphere. Don’t forget to add a little treat, a lovely smelling candle, maybe some music then get writing. When you start to feel negative thoughts come on, take out your journal and give it a read or start writing more. You can never be too grateful.

Guided Meditation

Sometimes the best way to get out of our heads is to find a new focus. Guided meditation is a great tool to get your mind clear and more focused on positivity and calm. I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about guided meditation at first. However, I’ve come to love The Honest Guys on YouTube. I am so glad I released those fearful thoughts that were a barrier to my peace. I meditate daily with The Honest Guys, they have a meditation and exercise for every thing: calm, clearing negativity, self-esteem, stress relief, I could keep going.

Sing, Dance, Be Merry

You can’t hear those thoughts when you’re having your very own karaoke dance party!! Turn up the music, sing like no one is watching, and dance your way to a positive headspace. Cue Ke$ha’s Blow. 🙂


It’s time to affirm yourself. Grab your favorite affirmations and recite them to yourself. Make sure you have you affirmations handy, hang them on your wall, write it on a mirror or listen to them on your phone.

What are some things you do to clear your headspace from those nagging negative thoughts?

Stay positive, my friends!





  1. All good ideas 🙂 I use my delete button all the time to get rid of negative thoughts. I also like your gratitude journal tip. I don’t have a journal, but I find keeping an attitude of gratitude helps keep away negative thoughts too.

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