Don’t Let Negativity Alter Your Journey

I’m going to be very blunt and direct in this blog post.  I feel that I need to in order to be true to myself and the mission behind this website.  Living A Positive Lifestyle is a place for me to release my thoughts and find a better way to live a life of truth, happiness, and positivity.   Sometimes life happens.  You can go from being in a good place mentally and physically one moment to a negative space the next.  Sometimes it’s really hard to push aside those negative feelings that you have on your own, let alone the negative feelings and words that someone else has inflicted on you.

Don't let someone else's negativity alter your journey!

I have been there.  I have been in situations where someone else’s words and their negativity have shifted my thoughts and actions.   Honestly, I hated it.  I don’t use the word, “hate”, that often because it’s a very harsh word.  This I hate.  I don’t want someone else to cloud my thoughts or my vision with their negativity.   I need/ed to find a way to block those thoughts in order to take a step back.

“Don’t Let Negativity Alter Your Journey”

The best thing I have found for me to do is:

  • take a moment
  • excuse myself
  • just walk away

I realize that I need time.  I need time to process what happened, what was said, and why it made me want to shift my thought process.  It’s extremely hard to come to terms with your own negative reality.  Sometimes comes down to having nothing to do with what the other person has said or done, but how I respond to it.

I am getting to a point in my life where I am learning to finally do things that make me happy and I don’t want anyone to stand in my way. It’s extremely easy for me to internalize negative words that are thrown my way.  I tend to take things a bit more personal.  I’m always on the defensive about my actions and my reasonings.  These are all things that I am currently trying to work on to make me a better person.  If I start to let everyone else’s negativity alter my journey, I’d never get anywhere.

There will come a time when someone will speak to you or do something that negatively effects you.  You have a choice to either allow their negativity to alter your journey, or not.  How you respond sets the tone for the next second, the next hour, the next day.  Make a conscious choice and effort to turn the other cheek.  Know that you have to do what is good for where you are at in your positive lifestyle journey.  Will it be hard to block that negative energy?  Yes!  Impossible?  No?  Go out there and get a positive life that is awaiting you!

Don't Let Someone Else's Negativity Alter Your Journey


  1. I am working on this. I tend to react when someone is mean or does something hurtful to me or my kids. I realize it’s their issue and nothing I can say or do is probably going to change their position, but it’s instinctive for me to say something.

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