Are you currently living an effortless lifestyle every day?

Effortless lifestyle.  Hrmmm.  That is something that I have recently been exposed to and it’s given me a lot to think about.  Do you live an effortless lifestyle?  Do you even know what that means or what it looks like?  Seems quite simple, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as you might think.  It is something that you actually have to practice because effortless doesn’t always come easily.  I’m going to share my experience with attempting to live an effortless lifestyle and how I saw it work.

Effortless Lifestyle

What does “effortless” mean?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of effortless:

  1.   showing or requiring little or no effort   *effortless power

Seems rather easy to grasp.  However, when I go through my day to day activity I don’t always recognize when something is effortless.  I may overlook it, or take it for granted, never acknowledging it for what it is.  To me, “effortless” has become a sign of a higher power providing what you need exactly when you need it.   When it’s meant to be, it just is.  It’s effortless.  You might say this is the Law of Attraction at its finest and perhaps it is.

It was meant to be because it was effortless

My backstory:
Three years ago my husbands work truck was on the brink of death.  It was 10 years old with 200,000+ miles on it and it was just time to retire old Besty.  We agreed that I would get a new vehicle and he would take my minivan which was also 10 years old.  It had about 120,000 miles on it and was in relatively good shape.  I had purchased my SUV and he took the minivan.  Fast forward 3 years.  It was time now to retire Carla.  She was creeping up to 200,000 miles and was starting to have major problems and I couldn’t see investing money to fix her up.  I was trying to prolong the inevitable as long as I could.


While driving to work I noticed this car on a corner lot, in the grass, just sitting there with a for sale sign on it.  I drove past and thought it looked like a nice car.   When I left work, I stopped there and took a peek at it.  I didn’t get all up in there, but I quickly looked through the windows and walked around it.  I snapped a pic of the sign and went about my night.  When I got home, I mentioned to my son, half joking that this was going to be our next car.  Pushed aside that thought.


If it’s meant to be, it will be

About a month had gone by at this point.  My husband couldn’t stand driving the van.  It was getting worse by the minute and he feared that the engine would drop on the expressway while he was going 75+ MPH.  So, instead of him getting a new vehicle, we decided that I would look for a decent used car and he could take my SUV because it was good on gas and only had about 50,000 or fewer miles on it.  He could use that hopefully for quite some time.  I figured a nicer used car would be good because my middle child is starting to drive this year and by the time he’s out of high school, he can have that car and by then, my last child would be ready to start driving and I’ll start the cycle over again.

I was sad to see you go, Carla!

It was time to say goodbye to Carla.  We were now down to one car.  I had to carpool to work for about 3 months. I was starting to get discouraged looking for used vehicles.  Everything was either priced too high or needed some work.  Neither of which I wanted.  One day I was driving to work by myself (my husband was laid off so I used my old SUV).    I hadn’t gone this particular route in a number of months since I was carpooling.  There it was, still there.  It was sitting in the driveway and when I went to go look at it again, I noticed that the price has dropped significantly.  *Effortless*


The next day I sent the number listed a text.  It was still for sale.  I made arrangements to go test drive it with my dad.  I drove it, he drove it and we both agreed that it was a good car, priced just right.  We spoke with the owners and as soon as I went home, I went online and started looking for a loan.  I started with my regular bank and thought, even though we had horrible credit, if it was meant to be, it would be.  Within an hour, I received an email stating we were approved for this auto loan.  Talk about shock.  *Effortless*


Effortless is when everything lines up perfectly

I notified the owners that I wanted the car for the price I had previously stated and within a few minutes, they agreed.  We had scheduled to meet at the bank to take care of the paperwork a few days later.  When we got there the banker told us that she was surprised that we got the loan we did because they rarely gave those out. *Effortless*


An effortless lifestyle equals no stress

We took care of all the necessary paperwork at the bank and were presented with the keys to my new (used) car.  From there my husband and I raced to the DMV to get the plates and all of those things taken care of.  When we got there we learned that we either needed a check or money order.  Neither of which we had.  Lucky for us there was a Walmart right next door that had a section in their store specifically for money orders.  I had about 10 minutes before the DMV closed so I had to hurry.  Quickly, I got my money order and raced back to the DMV.  Making it with only seconds to spare, I paid all my fees and on my way.  *Effortless*


It was clear to me as I was driving home from the bank in my new car that the entire process from start to finish was completely effortless.  I didn’t have to stress, worry, or freak out.  Everything lined itself up perfectly.  It was the start of my “effortless lifestyle”.


It was the start of my “effortless lifestyle”.

Ever since that day I have been more aware of things that go on around me.  Taking special notice of everything.  I am convinced now more than ever that we have a specific path in our life and when we allow the universe or greater good take over, it proves to us that we are exactly where we need to be and we will always get exactly what we need when we need it.


Do you remember the last thing that came to you that was completely effortless?  We’d love to hear your effortless lifestyle story!