HI! Welcome to our About Us page!  We thought we would take a moment to introduce ourselves to you.  Living A Positive Lifestyle was created as a way to share more positive and uplifting stories considering the media is flooded with so much negativity.  We wanted to create something that would help balance out the world’s negativities.  So this site was born.  It is our hope that we can provide a little dose of happiness to your life with our own personal stories on how we are attempting to live a more mindful, positive lifestyle, whatever that means to us.

Meet Phyllis & Dean

Over there, to the right of the page, you see me, Phyllis.  I am a mom of three (ages 12, 15 & 18), wife to Steve (married for 22 years together forever it seems), and we also have two furry babies, Dakota my golden retriever and Karma, a pomeranian stray that wandered her way into our hearts.  I am a Virtual Assistant and blogger at Verified Mom.  I also work part-time in a middle school lunchroom.  I have seen and heard it all you might say!  I myself am on a personal journey to recapture the true essence of who I am.  I am, I guess you could say, on a personal, spiritual journey.  On my journey, I wish to start taking better care of my body, become a healthier person and role model for my children.   I am currently on Weight Watchers trying to lose the baby weight that I gained (and then some) from my last baby who is now 12, soon to be 13.  I think it’s time to let that weight go, don’t you?  I am on a path to empowering my body, living well, and living a life of positivity!  I can’t wait to share my personal journey with you!

Hi, I’m Dean.  I am a nomadic woman living in the Pacific Northwest with kids (8, 11 & 15), a squishy faced dog and hot tamale husband.   I am the owner of an Etsy shop, TWSS Quote Shop, and blogger at Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress.  I THINK TOO MUCH! There I said it, I think waaaaaay too much about everything, everybody, and of course the future. Some people call it anxiety.?   Anyway, the combination of this blog and other creative outlets has helped put my thoughts into a more focused direction, which in turn has become a form of (cognitive-ish) therapy.  I love blogging, but I think I love blogging more these days not only because it makes me feel good personally, but because I’ve made wonderful friends.

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