5 Ways to Start Your Day Off With Positivity

Are you trying to build a more positive life? You are the artist, so why not start your day off with positivity. Here are five ways to start your day off with positivity.

5 Ways to Start Your Day Off With Positivity

5 Ways to Start Your Day Off  With Positivity. A surefire way to assure that your life is positive is by becoming more positive. I know that sounds easier said than done, and I use to be in the same camp, but it is attainable. Have you ever watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Remember the part where Clark is trying to light the Christmas lights and they flicker and seem not to work? However after multiple attempts, a little rage and his wife’s thoughtfulness the lights come on and beam brightly — his work. That part, that’s us.

Are you trying to build a more positive life? You are the artist, so why not start your day off with positivity. Here are five ways to start your day off with positivity.

We’ve all had our attempts at seeking positivity, we may have even had our fits of rage, and sometimes we have to call on others to help us. We seek, we read, we believe and ultimately we achieve. I’m on the path with you to achieve a more positive life. I’ve seen the lights flicker and currently the light is on and I’m in a good place. We can all be in a good place, but we have to start by making US number one.

If you knew me you would know that is HUGE for me to say, because I’ve been one to put others before me, often. Sometimes I would lose myself in others. It is noble and positive to take care of others. Nevertheless, it’s best to take care of us first to give on to others. I’m learning that every single day and I’m loving how this (simple) change in my life is positively affecting me and the people around me.

Here are a Five Ways to Start Your Day Off with Positivity:

No news is good news

I know many of us want to catch up on what we’ve missed over night, meaning we’re connected to the world, so we rush to our phones. It’s lovely to be connected, but usually what is reported is the negative. Why would you want to start your day focusing on the negative? Focus your energy on something a little more positive.

Positive Thoughts and Self Love through Meditation

Good for you, you’ve omitted starting your day off with the negative news! You’ve just added more time to focus more time on YOU. It’s time to give yourself a healthy dose of love to start the day. Time to meditate! Did you say you can’t sit still? I heard you, and I was you, but now I’m a meditation junky! I put on my meditation app and I practice loving kindness for myself (metta bhavana, cultivation of love).  Quietly I repeat positive things about myself, okay, I do it in my head, even though I’m alone. 🙂  Example: “I am kind, I am loving, I am creative.” You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to sit with yourself and your positive thoughts, you’ll learn to love this part of the day with yourself. Promise. (It doesn’t have to be long, give yourself at least 5 minutes.)

Music is Medicine

We’ve heard this over and over again throughout our lives, but it’s true music has positive effects.  Music is a great way to start your day to reduce anxiety and stress. Perhaps build a music list of your favorite songs or mood boosting songs.

Write it down

What are you grateful for? Pause! Write it down. Those positive things in your life, those are the things that fuel you, and move you to keep on this path, write it down. Starting you day with a grateful heart is a wonderful way to keep things moving in the right direction. 🙂

Smile and Say Hello

Smile and say hello to the people you see in the morning. Kindness is contagious, when people receive kindness they instantly want to use it. I love to see people’s faces light up or look puzzled when I smile and say hello (or good morning), because they weren’t expecting it, but they received it. Some people will ignore you, and that’s okay, keep smiling and move on (bless their hearts, they weren’t taught manners).

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  1. I’ve been trying to break my habit of reading the news every morning. It’s just too much some mornings starting my day off with the news.
    Growing up whenever we spent the night with my grandmother we were expected to greet everyone with a “Good Morning” upon waking up. I didn’t really see the point of it then, but understand now why she made us do it. And I like to tell me kids “Good Morning” 🙂

    • The news can be such a drag. I know it’s great to stay informed, and I do stay informed, but I just can’t let all that negativity start my day. I was obsessed with picking my phone up in the morning to check on the world, and it usually ended up making me feel sad, angry, empty, or devastated. I’m feeling much better not starting my mornings without those emotions.

      Your grandma and I both have that in common. 🙂 I was taught the same and we do the same.

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