Embrace Spring

5 Ways to Embrace Spring

Oh happy day it’s spring! The sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and we’re shedding the gray of winter, right? This is the best time to start anew. For some of us winter can drag on and start to feel a little Groundhog Day-ish, which becomes draining.  Spring is an invitation to take in the sunshine and embrace all the promise of the season. Today we’re sharing 5 ways to embrace spring.


5 Ways to Embrace Spring

Chin up, Buttercup, it's SPRING! After a long gray winter it's time to start anew, here are five ways to embrace spring.

Plant Dreams5 Ways to embrace spring: Plant dreams, pull weeds and grow a happy life

Take out your journals and start mapping those dreams. What do you want out of life? What can you omit? Spring clean: get rid of the things you no longer need or the things that are holding you back. A clear mind and organized space opens you to endless positive possibilities. Fill that space with good. If you’re getting rid of physical items, how about some happy karma?  Donate no longer needed items to charity.


You’ve mapped out your space, now it’s time to tackle those dreams. Get to work! Make spring your homegirl and tackle little goals all spring long. But remember, to obtain those goals you HAVE to take care of yourself first.


Stop and smell the roses! Go out and get lost in wander. Spring opens up a lovely window of gorgeous bright colors and temperate weather to get out into nature and see all that surrounds you. Stop and enjoy it. Embrace it. Do you need help finding something to do? We found this app Kamino The best way to explore your world on foot“, to help map out your next adventure.


Oh, Audrey, you got it right with this quote: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” When you plant a garden or care for a new cactus you are saying: I’m committing to our tomorrow. Optimism is good, it’s positive, we need more or it, right? Not only that, when you garden you’re working on your mental health. Gardening has been proven to help with stress and anxiety, along with other health benefits.


5 Ways to Embrace Spring: Gratitude. No Rain. No Flowers.

We challenge you to write something you’re thankful for every day this spring. A grateful heart is an open heart that attracts more gratitude and happiness.

How do you embrace spring?




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