5 Positive Mantra’s to Kickstart Your Day

Get your day off to the right start!  Start your day with a positive mind and it will be followed by a positive outcome.  Here are 5 positive mantra’s that I say to help get me off to the right start.

5 Positive Mantra's to Kickstart Your Day - livingapositivelifestyle.com


Being thankful for the beauty that surrounds you can be challenging when it comes to living a positive lifestyle.

Positive Mantra’s Help Kickstart Your Day

I am thankful for all the beauty that surrounds me today and everyday. -livingapositivelifestyle.com
I am thankful for all the beauty that surrounds me today and every day.

Sometimes we forget that happiness is a choice.  You can choose to be happy and think of the positives in your life, or you can choose to be angry or sad and be filled with negativity.  Sure, stress and daily events can happen to make you feel differently, but it is all in how you allow it to affect your life at that moment that matters.

Happiness is a choice
Happiness is a choice!

When we are feeling less than, or start to question our current situation, it’s ok to ask what are you are doing at this moment to make your future a brighter place to live.

What am I doing right now to help my future self? livingapositivelifestyle.com
What am I doing right now to help my future self?

Sometimes you just have to let the universe take the lead.  It’s ok to not know where you are going at any given moment, just have faith that you are right where you need to be and let the universe lead you the rest of the way!

Today I'll let the universe lead the way! livingapositivelifestyle.com
Today I’ll let the universe lead the way!

Forgiveness is tough.  It’s never easy to simply forgive someone, namely yourself.  Wake up each morning knowing you have been forgiven for whatever you feel you didn’t do or for what you said the day prior and you will begin to lead a happier life.  Now is the time to let the weight of the world go and forgive yourself because forgiveness leads to happiness!

Forgiveness leads to Happiness
Forgiveness leads to Happiness

It is my hope that you will take one of these mantra’s and add it to your daily meditation practice.

Please leave your favorite mantra or how you get yourself into a positive mindset in the comments below.

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  1. My favorite is Forgiveness leads to Happiness because it is something I struggle with. The more I let go of bitterness from the past, the happier I am. Very relevant and true.

  2. I love the one about letting the universe lead the way! I always say that to friends and even my own kiddo: “sometimes the universe has a way of working these things out.”

  3. Happiness is a choice is my favorite one. I’m always telling my nine year old that he is the only person who controls how he feels. You can always choose to be happy. ☺

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve told my son, every day is a day to celebrate. It’s crazy how we can control a day with our an attitude swap, right? 🙂

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