Winter has done a number on my skin. It is dried out, scratchy, and dull. It’s one of the reasons why I am not a person who loves living in the midwest. The cold winter temperature leaves me feeling blah and my skin like a scaly fish. There are some things that I do though to help alleviate those feelings and I’ll share them with you. I’m sure these are all pretty self-explanatory but sometimes I do forget and my skin pays for it later.

3 Tips to prepare your skin for the summer sun

3 Basic Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Summer

Hot water – Hot water is a skin killer.  You risk burning yourself for one, but it also has some other negative effects.  Hot water will strip essential, lubricating oils from your skin.  Basically, it’s stripping away your natural moisture right from its source. Switch from using hot water to a lukewarm water.  It will do your body good!

Harsh soaps and chemicals – Not only does harsh soaps (no matter if they are bar soaps or liquid soaps) strip moisture from the skin, they can be packed with damaging chemicals, they will also change the pH of your skin.  That change can you feel like a scaly fish too (as in my case).  You need to find a gentle cleanser that contains a good pH value that will not dry you out.

Lack of moisture – During the winter months especially, we lack the moisture we need to be healthy.  What can you do to increase moisture?  Ironically, exfoliate!  Exfoliating helps to get rid of the dry layers of dead cells and will generate new, moist cells in its place.  Drink more water!  Yes, water…again.  I can tell when I don’t drink water, it visually takes a toll on my skin.  So keep thinking, water, water, water!

There are other ways to prepare your skin for summer, these listed are just a few.  Making these quick and easy changes can help create a more healthy skin, one that you will be proud to show off this summer.

Oh, one more thing!  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

3 Tips to prepare your skin for the summer sun via

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